The lighthouse jetty

The jetty was the first part of the Maspalomas Lighthouse complex to be built. Because materials could not be hauled over land, the jetty was essential to the construction of the tower. When the lighthouse was built, in the late 19th century, land access to the dunes in the south of Gran Canaria was limited. Maspalomas was described as a deserted, desolate area. The jetty was designed by engineer Juan de León y Castillo, who also drew up the plans for the lighthouse. León y Castillo took advantage of a dip in the area to build two retaining walls. The walls were joined off in the sea, and the structure was filled with rocks and covered with concrete and stone paving. Until the road was built in the 20th century, the jetty was the lifeline between the Maspalomas Lighthouse and the outside world, ensuring that the keepers received provisions and the lamp had a steady supply of fuel.


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