Carpenters, carvers, woodworkers…

Early texts and archaeological findings show that wood was used by Gran Canaria’s first inhabitants. Wood was hewn with stone implements to make beams and lintels for their dwellings, small household items, and tools and weapons. Wood was widely used after the conquest and colonisation of the island, and the professions associated with it, such as sawyers, carpenters and coopers, flourished. Gran Canaria’s plentiful supply of this raw material was essential to meet the needs of the new population, to build homes, sugar mills, hydraulic constructions, windmills and presses, and produce furniture, household utensils and numerous items necessary for everyday life. Furniture and everyday items were made by carpenters who used hard woods to make furniture, agricultural implements and tools. This group also included boat builders, who were commissioned to make handcrafted boats, and more professional and skilled workers such as luthiers, who made musical instruments. Carvers and makers of religious images produced pieces both for churches and private worship, as well as altarpieces for churches and chapels.


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