Household furniture and utensils

In addition to providing tools to the rural population and other craftspeople and tradespeople in towns and semi-industrial areas, local artisans took part in building the various types of dwellings that have been used in Gran Canaria throughout the centuries. They also made the basic household furniture and utensils needed for everyday life. The variety, quality and amount of handcrafted items found in traditional Canary Islands homes varied considerably depending on the purchasing power of the people who lived in them. Dwellings ranged from more humble homes, many of them built in caves and furnished only with a cot bed, a box or chest, a mat for sleeping or eating on, a few ceramic containers for cooking food, a tin lamp or two, and a few pieces of clothing for everyday use, to the houses of wealthy families, which contained many quality items.
The three models in this module show, on the one hand, two modest Canary Islands homes, one of them built in a cave, and on the other hand, a doll’s house representing the context and the furnishings of the home of a well-off family. The two modest homes have simple, basic household utensils and furniture, all made by local craftspeople. The doll’s house includes handmade items produced in Gran Canaria, alongside more refined, luxury items brought from continental Europe. The images in the module also showcase items and furniture made by Canary Islands craftspeople.


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